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Hardwick Foundation

Hardwick Foundation

We assisted the Hardwick Foundation achieve their mission of providing emergency dental care and volunteering in Talek, Kenya through fundraising platform, branding, marketing materials, website, video production and social media presence.

Our team at Digital Prodigy was proud to work with the Hardwick Foundation on their mission to take a team of volunteers to Talek, Kenya. We knew that achieving this goal would require a lot of resources and we were excited to help them every step of the way. We assisted the foundation by setting up a fundraising platform, building their branding, and creating all their marketing materials. We built a beautiful website that educated consumers and raised awareness about the cause, our team filmed and produced a testimonial video to share the heart of their journey and helped them establish a strong social media presence. Additionally, we helped highlight the critical work the foundation does in providing emergency dental care to the communities of Talek, Kenya. Thanks to our efforts, the Hardwick Foundation was able to achieve their goal and make a meaningful impact in the community of Talek, Kenya.

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